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n〓ew smartphone h◆as a 50 pe◆rcent increase in en●ergy efficiency■, according to◆ ifeng.com.Ch〓allenging bi■gger rivals"○Making AI computati〓on faster and more e○fficient wi〓ll give Huawe●i an edge, if it can◆ demonstrate impro●ved performance or● battery life wh●en conducting■ everyday tasks," Ti◆m Coulling, ■analyst at re■search firm C〓analys, told ○Xinhua.In ●recent years, Huaw〓ei has gra■bbed an increasi◆ng share of the glo■bal smartphone

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m○arket and has becom■e the most ■popular in Ch○ina. Meanwhile, Ap〓ple has seen ○declining sales◆ trends in th●e country.But A■pple and Huawei● will rele◆ase new flagship ■models this autumn〓 (2017). Th◆e Kirin 970 c■ould be a game-cha◆nger for Huawe◆i in the upcoming ba〓ttle of the two sm●artphone gian◆ts.Huawei has int〓egrated AI into s●martphone hard◆ware, known a■s on-device AI wit〓h sensors that ●can also enable real◆-time langu◆age transl

ations and● heed voice commands〓.Mate 10 users◆ will have acce●ss to augmented r◆eality as they could〓 overlay text, ◆sounds, grap■hics and videos〓 on 6-in. display sc●reens.The future i●s cloud"Mobil〓e AI must b◆e driven b●y both on-device AI○ and cloud AI," said◆ Yu. "That is the f〓ocus of Huawei's AI ○strategy in the cons●umer business."In Ch〓ina, the major◆ players in ■AI development■ are known as,● BAT (Baidu Inc,■ Alibaba Group and T■encent

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Holdings),○ while Huawei〓 will become a maj◆or AI developer ●in the nation with● its Mate 1●0.Huawei belie◆ves that they can ge◆nerate substantial r◆evenues by selling ◆AI-enabled ●smartphones, alo●ng with its cloud. A●I can player a bigg●er roleAdditi●onally, Kirin◆ 970 chipsets a○re owned and o○perated by H■uawei’s subs●idiary, HiSilicon ●design busines〓s.AI R&D Lab"W○e're at the thres●hold of an exci○ting new era〓," Richard Yu● tol

d China Da◆ily. "Huawei is 〓committed to turni■ng smart devic○es into intelligen●t devices by buildi●ng end-to-end ca●pabilities ●that suppor◆t coordinate◆d development o○f chips, dev○ices and the clou■d."One of Hu◆awei's promine●nt R&D center●s is the Noa●h's Ark Lab● that supports co○mputer research and ■AI and how to i〓ntegrate them i●nto smartphones a■nd other devi●ces.Mate 1●0 functions on Neura○l Network ○Processing Unit●s (NPU) and u

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sers ◆can enjoy added up●grades on pr〓ivacy and secu■rity, such as ◆utlizing image-re〓cognition to turn o〓n devices,〓 and staying in pow○er-off mode in ca■se it’s stole◆n and the robber tri■es to open 〓them.With Kirin

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9○70 installed, Mate 1●0 requires l○ess space fo○r chipsets, so we c〓an see improve◆ functionality○, higher speeds a○nd increased● energy ef■ficiency. In◆ other words, Mat●e 10 will proce●ss faster while us〓ing less power

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〓.Jumpstart on AI ●smartphones"The K◆irin 970 chipse◆t marks a big ○improvement from ○its predecessor, giv◆ing Huawei a majo●r edge when co◆mpeting hea〓d-to-head wit○h Apple," Chi●na Economic Net quot●es Roger Sh〓eng, seni

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